In different casinos, the rules for blackjack are quite different from each other. One example would be a downtown Vegas casino. The rule of this particular casino may be different from a Vegas Strip casino and the Vegas rules may also be different from those in Tahoe and Reno. The Atlantic City rules are also unique from those in the Bahamas. Knowing these things, it is necessary to understand the rules per area and per casino.

The basics of blackjack

In a regular table there is a dealer and there are seats for 1 up to 7 players. From the left of the dealer, the first seat is First Base. To the dealer's right is the Third Base. The betting square is printed on a felt table just in front of the seat. To the front of the dealer is the chip tray. The immediate left of the dealer is the shoe and beside it, you will see the minimum bet. You need to read before sitting down.

At the right side of the dealer, there is the slot where the money will be dropped or deposited. There is also the discard tray on its right side. Before the game starts, a ritual is presented. A dealer will shuffle the cards and is forwarded to a player who will cut the card using a marker and then the dealer will burn the card. Then, the players have to make a wager by placing the bets on the box then the dealer will deal the cards.

The process of blackjack

Sometimes, the player will sit out the hand for a number of reasons. You might be very lucky to have a good count. If you sit too much, and if there are many waiting for your move, you will be asked to leave until you can play.

Once the bets are placed, 1 card is given from left to right until the players all have 2 cards. In Vegas, both cards are facing down. In most areas, the cards are dealt up. If they are dealt up, never touch them. This is done to prevent cheating so they are facing up.

A dealer will get a card that is facing up and facing down. The actions are done with hand signals to signal the dealer to hit, stand and many others.

If you want a hit and the cards are facing downwards, you just flick the cards on the table surface twice. If the cards are facing up, do a stabbing motion on the cards. You can say hit while nodding your head. You can nod no if you want to stand or just move your hands left to right with the palms facing down to signify that you stand.

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