How and Where the First Live Casinos Have Appeared

The history of creating casinos varies. In different corners of the world casino appeared at the different time. While online casino industry been developing very quickly within the past several years. Online casinos are now very popular, even more that land-based casinos.

Gambling in the US

Online casino history began right with the appearing of the first casino games that are well-known nowadays. As it has been prescribed, gambling era in America started with Europeans who have imported gambling to US many years ago. French immigrants have popularized card gambling games there. At that time there were no casinos at all to play those card games. That's why river boats along Mississippi were used as a place to gamble.

If to talk about Poker, this was the first time it has appeared in US. At that time there were many travellers along the Mississippi river. To settle them somewhere, houses were built at the shore, which later have become the first live casinos. Those houses popularized Blackjack most of all and casino industry has spread all over America.

In fact all the modern casino games take its roots from the US: craps and poker were transformed from the European games.

Card Games History

It is referred to the 13-th century, when the first card games appeared, however even today no one can tell exactly, how they stayed popular till nowadays. Although, some documents described the first card games found in China few centuries earlier.

The cards by themselves were designed in France, as we know them today. France was the first country that invented spades and other suits. England was the second country that took cards and began to produce them massively. And America made them look like they used to be today.


The history of Blackjack has started in the18th century in France. Firstly it was called "twenty one" and later it was given a title "Blackjack;' due to a winning hand combination of the black Jack and an Ace cards. In the 19-th century Blackjack has immigrated to US.

Casino History

Due to American law system, gambling was banned there. First saloons appeared in 1930 of the past century. A first hotel was opened and a casino inside of it with slot machines to play. And the next year gambling was legalized in two US states - Las Vegas and Nevada. Several years later Atlantic City became the third place where gambling was a legal activity to many American players. In the 1970 Las Vegas casino system became associating with Mafia, still it is the most visited place on the planet Earth.

Today you don't have to travel to Vegas in order to experience casino gambling. Online casinos appeared in the 21st century and almost extrude land-based casino.

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