Big Six

The game of Big Six is very popular and it is a very fun game that you might have seen being played at the amusement park. This has a massive wheel and is called also as the wheel of fortune. 54 stops are available on the wheel and there is paper money there that reaches up to $20. There is also a logo and a joker icon. The game is not at all easy and it was made more complicated. How else would it be very enjoyable and amazing?

You first need to make a bet on where the wheel would hit a halt. You pick the denomination or a certain symbol and make a wager. If it lands on the area you predicted, you will get what you wagered.


If you want to learn a little strategy to play the game and get the best odds, then check the table and check if there is a $1 bet that could give a great possibility of winning. This has a very low house edge. If you just want to spend some money for fun, and check out if luck is with you, try to bet on any of the numbers. It would be most strategic to bet on the $1 all the time.

The players most likely go to the direction the wheel has stopped and then determine how far it would go so they can bet on the most approximate option. The dealer will most likely spin in random directions so keep in mind to think of the directions so you can make a bet that is most approximate to what you feel. Nonetheless, this is a very easy and random game and it is just so fun to enjoy guessing the position where the will stops. If you want to win, just go with the smart $1 bets and you can win safely.


It may not seem like it but the game offers really bad odds. This game has the worst odds compared to other games. If the dealer makes the spins consistent, you can bet on the logo or joker. You should pay attention if you want to win but then again, just enjoy and have fun and go for the safer bets.

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