Personal Laws

The Following Website does not fully guarantee that its casino facts are 100% accurate. Although we always attempt to stay update when it comes to this information, their accuracy cannot be unconditionally guaranteed. We have many casinos listed that change their rules, regulations and promotions regularly. Such casinos usually will cancel promotions without any notice beforehand, so always check out the casino's rules before proceeding.

You need to understand that you could lose wagered and deposited money at online casinos, so you cannot hold The Following Website liable for your losses. Always keep in mind that real money is being played!

You need to understand that every event and actions that you partake in at a listed casino here is at your own responsibility, and we only share this information, so we can't be held liable for this information's actual accuracy.

Country Laws

It would also be extremely vital for you to understand that gambling online isn't actually legal in every country, even if this website can be viewed or accessed in them. In jurisdictions wherein gambling online isn't actually legal, like the US, this website can only be put to use for information. Because of this, you should not make any bets at online casinos without taking legal advice first or consulting with local authorities in order to ensure that this activity is actually legal within your country and jurisdiction. Using the information in this website while violating local, federal or state laws is completely prohibited.

Gambling at online casinos has to be legal within your country, town and state of residence, and you need to be of the right age in order to gamble. Remember: it would be your own responsibility to find out whether you are actually following the local laws!

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