Dice Games Gambling Overview

All the various casino games are divided into common categories. There are table games, card games, progressive games and dice games. Dice games gambling are also divided into single games such as: Craps, Big Six, Ricochet, Hazard and others. All the dice games gambling are fun and interesting. Besides, they can make money for you.

Common Dice Games Rules

Here are some basic rules to notice before you start to play any dice game.

  1. Every casino game, like roulette gratis senza soldi is played with special casino money - chips. You can change your money into chips in the particular casino you are about to play. Even if you play online casino dice games - the money on your deposit will be changed into chips.
  2. If you are a beginner in dice games gambling - then the best decision for you will going to the dealer at the beginner's table and asking him about making bets on let's say Craps. Or you can stay and watch how experienced players place their bets and learn from them.
  3. At the table every player has his own turn to roll the dice. Never decline your turn and roll it!
  4. Craps options give the player opportunity to make bets on particular numbers; however you can place the bets on any number you like.

However, there are several dice games to be played at casinos. But the basic rules for Craps - might help you in learning other dice games rules quicker. It is important when playing for money.

Dice Games Variations

As we have mentioned above, dice games are rich in their variety. All the games are similar and have very simple rules. Let's find out how to play unmentioned dice game such as Sic Bo.

Sic-Bo or Grand Hazard isn't the same game as traditional Hazard. The game contains three dice and a bowl for dice to be held. Sic-Bo in America has another title and is known there as Chuck-a-Luck game. The difference between American and Chinese dice games is its layout. When playing a Sic-Bo the player has more variety of options and bets to place. The layout provides an opportunity to bet on any number. Due to this the house edge may vary both in casino and players favor.

Chuck-a-Luck has almost the same rules as Grand Hazard. The only difference is a metal horn that player uses in the game.

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