Video Poker

The commercial viability of video poker has become possible when a television screen was implemented by a CPU. This model has arrived at the same time when the personal computer arrived in the 1970s but of course the standards today are much advanced.

The game was established by Si Redd Coin Machines. Now, we call it the International Game Technology. In 1979, the introduced the Draw Poker. In many casinos, the video poker has become a staple the entire 80s era. Compared to the table setup, this is less intimidating so there is more enjoyment. In the modern times, the video poker still holds a very big aspect of casinos and they populate many floors of casinos.

The game is particularly popular in Vegas and the Vegas Strip has become very popular. The local casinos offer better denominations so it means there are better odds.

Playing the game

You first need to place money or a ticket in the machine and then the machine will operate. You need to place a bet that you prefer and you will start making a deal. You can discard one or more cards and then you can make an exchange. Once the cards have been drawn, the winning combination will reveal and if your cards match them, you will receive a payout.

The paytable will allocate the payments depending on how rare the hand, the variation of the game as well as the operator's decision. A regular table will have a number of jacks that pay even money. The process is similar to that of a regular poker table and there are also hands like the two pair, straight, three of a kind, full house, flushes and so much more.

If you want more earnings, you can join those video poker machines that belong to progressive jackpots wherein the prizes are bigger.

Video poker games

A lot of video poker variations are present today like Deuces Wild that has a wild card and modification of pay schedule. If you get 4 aces and a smaller kicker, you get an enhanced value. There is also the multi play variation where everyone begins with the base hand.

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