You play the game of ricochet using 3 dice and then you place them on a table that is bordered chairs. There is a large bet selection that is available with a number that need a roll and others might require a number.

Similar to craps, the players will take the turns in shooting the dice. However, there is no such thing as a come out roll. The shooter rolls to get a particular combination. It is either 666, 111, 126, 156, 146 or 136. The player needs to get a six, a one and another number, 3 sixes or ones.

There is a layout of bets with a combination of single or pair with a total of 30. The players can bet on the combination before getting eliminated. A player can sit on a total of 4 separate bets. The single roll bets are also possible. Here are the kinds of bets that you should be aware of:

  • The straight up is any of the 30 combos like 334 and it has a payout of 8:1.
  • The split is a couple of straight up bets of any value that you place in between with a pay out of 4:1.
  • The Corner is straight up set of 4 bets that you place in the corner of 4 with the 2:1 pay off.

The single roll bets

  • One column pays 10:1 and covers 6 of the combinations on straight up.
  • Two Rows means 10 of the combinations that are straight up and pays 6:1
  • Any Black is any of the 14 bets that are black. This will pay 4:1
  • Any Green is for the 14 green values with a payoff of 4:1.
  • Three of a kind is choosing any three numbers of a kind and this pays 200:1
  • Any 6 and 1 will pay 6:1 id 6 and 1 and another number shows up.

The Field Bet

The 6 and 1 or no pair is any single numbers as long as no 6 or 1 is represented. You are paid 1:1

  • is paid 2:1
  • is paid 3:1
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